Hello there! I'm Jason Cryer, I make noises with my mouth hole, and occasionally people decide to put those noises in their projects!If you'd like to hear some samples of my work, you'll find my most recent demo reel below. You'll also find some stats about me, as well as my contact info.Thanks for stopping by!


Past Roles - Updated February 23, 2023


  • AGE: 35

  • NATIONALITY: American

  • NORMAL RANGE: Generally low-mid, can do higher pitches depending on situation

  • ACCENTS: American, British (General, Cockney)

  • OTHER LANGUAGES: While I don't speak any other languages fluently at the moment, I do have some self-taught knowledge of Japanese, to the point where I can read/pronounce it accurately (as long as no Kanji are involved, I'm still not so hot on those)

  • CURRENT SETUP: Audio Technica AT-2035, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, recorded into Audacity

If there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask!



  • PER HOUR (of recording): $50/hr - $50 minimum

  • PER LINE: $3/line (includes up to 3 takes of each line. Additional takes = 50¢ per take) - $25 minimum

  • PER WORD: 25¢/word (may be waived at actor's discretion based on nature and/or volume of project) - $25 minimum

Subject to change.Rates may be negotiable.


Splitting: 50¢ per split OR $25/work hour (depending on volume of work to be cut)All files will be submitted raw (no editing or processing apart from removal of errors and prolonged silence) unless specified otherwise by client.Revisions/Retakes made due to error on the actor's part will be provided at no extra charge.Revisions/Retakes made for any other reason at client's request: $1.50/line or $25/recording hour (depending on volume of retakes, $25 minimum in both cases)


DISCORD - JCGemini #9376TWITTER, INSTAGRAM - @JasonTheGeminiE-MAIL - [email protected]



SchoolStudy FocusTimeDegree
Neville High SchoolTheatre/Speech & Debate2000-2004Diploma
University of Louisiana - MonroeTheatre2004-2006N/A


*Underlined titles are links.


KXULDJUniversity of Louisiana - MonroeMonroe, LA2004-2006
KLIP, KJLODJThe Radio PeopleMonroe, LA2006-2007

Web Series

Low Budget GamingGame ReviewCreator/PresenterSelf-produced as "Gemini Does Games"2015-2020
Board Game ObscuraGame ReviewCreator/PresenterSelf-produced as "Gemini Does Games"2016-2020
Quick Time EventGame ReviewCreator/PresenterSelf-produced as "Gemini Does Games"2017-2020

Podcasts/Audio Series

The Shadow - Season 1, Ep. 5Suspense (Fan Recreation)Dr. James Evans (credited as JCGemini)The Shadow Recreation Series!2017
YAR TalkTalk (Video Games)HostYoutube Adventure Roundtable2019-2020
Maine EventsAnimationNarratorVictoria Hartwell, "Ghastly Dipper", Kasper Weevil2019-2021
The Stench of Adventure - Season 2, Ep. 7Sci-Fi ComedyProfessorStrong Branch Productions2022
How I Died - Season 3, Ep. 2Murder MysteryLeoAudiohm Media2022
Tales from the Radiator - Season 1, Ep. 12Anthology PodcastNarratorStrong Branch Productions2023

Video Games

Brexit-Man in Airportland: The RebrexitingNarratorTroels Pleimert, Bjørn Sundgaard2019
Long Distance CoughingBobTroels Pleimert, Bjørn Sundgaard2020
Spy Quest 2 - Operation: BOGROLLAgent NSteven Don2020
Coffin ValleyThe HeroBryan Lian, Ryan Barnard, James Brookes2021
Colossal Cave - Reimagined by Roberta WilliamsNarrator, Pirate, TrollCygnus Entertainment2023